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Making Mobile Easier – Is Top Priority

we help businesses engage customers with each and every mobile app we work on

Designed to service any budget, National Mobile Solutions develops affordable mobile apps for small businesses, wanting to grow, create customer loyalty & brand recognition, referrals, and revenue. Our scope enables businesses to see an ROI by mixing mobile into what you already do.

  • The No. 1 Mobile Platform Worldwide
  • Create Beautiful Mobile Apps & Mobile Websites
  • All-in-One Multi-Channel Messaging Suites
  • Zero Programming Knowledge Needed
  • Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • My mobile app has really helped me grow my business and I am totally blown away by how easy it is to engage my customers

    Sue T.
    Sue T., Florida Weddings Online
  • I stay so much more connected with my fans and my music have gain greater exposure on a worldwide scale. Thank You National Mobile Solutons, Great Moble App.

    Jack Philpot
    Jack Philpot, Papa Jack Express

meet our teams

We have great teams in a stream of mobile professionals

The Miracles

App Developers

“The Miracles” are on the front lines of innovation in the mobile application development lifecycle. Members of the team fulfill different yet important roles from analysis to development to testing to administration and management via our Content Management System (CMS). Our easy to use content management system allows for beautiful app design, real-time updating, customization, and functionality across a broad range of mobile devices without any programming knowledge needed.

Mobile Advisors

Sales Team

The “Mobile Advisors” are a no-holds-bar, die-hard team, that REALLY believe in saving and growing businesses. This is a team of Mobile Certified individuals that truly understands your businesses need for mobile. Given the chance to prove it you, a 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered. Heck, they are crazy enough to give you a free mobile website just to get you connected with your mobile customers. Your customers are mobile, Are you?

Life Liners

Support Team

Our “Life Liners” are the tech gurus that guarantee that you can expect 99.9% uptime for your mobile apps. Our servers are hosted in the cloud using the latest in data hosting technology. This support team maximize our data centers, which use the latest in data encryption technology and data backups are performed daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure your data is never lost while using National Mobile Solutions. Get There. Go Mobile. Stay Connected.

Bot Librarian

Help Desk

The “Bot Librarian” Provides you with hundreds of tutorial articles. We've documented every part of building an app with the National Mobile Solutions platform with detailed tutorials. See our helpful tutorial articles at our help desk here: Prefer a video tutorial over a help article? Watch from our vast library of video tutorials on how to use get the most out of your National Mobile Solutions apps. See our helpful video tutorials here: Get There. Go Mobile. Stay Conncected.

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Why use our Services

We are more than happy to offer you

  • National Mobile Solutions apps is easy to use. With our simple step-by-step Content Management System (CMS) tireless customer support, National Mobile Solutions makes apps easy for small businesses. Get There. Go Mobile. Stay Connected.

  • National Mobile Solutions is affordable with pricing designed to fit any budget. Our mission is to bring great apps to small businesses inexpensively, and our rates are highly affordable. Get There. Go Mobile. Stay Connected.

  • With an app from National Mobile Solutions you will increase your revenue. Customers can contact your business, submit orders, generate referrals, and perform other functions and features that can help boost your sales. You can track dollars spent on items and orders, also track appointments and consultations scheduled. We truly help you understand your app’s ROI.

  • National Mobile Solutions can help you market your business. Push notifications sent to customers through your app can make your next promotional campaign a success. With mobile loyalty programs and in-app support requests, we can help your business keep customers happy and coming back for more, time and time again.

  • National Mobile Solutions can help you go viral. With social media functions, your app can become the seed of viral activity, helping your business grow quickly. Every mobile app is accompanied with our All-in-One Messaging Suite enabling your business to take advantage of mobile keywords, email marketing, voice broadcasting, instant messaging, mobile voting, mobile surveying, plus so much more.

  • National Mobile Solutions can help you understand your business better. With data tracking, analytics, and reporting, you can gain valuable insights into your customers from their app usage. You will understand how many users download and the times when people use your app. You will know which platform is most popular and actionable insights into your app’s activity.

  • National Mobile Solutions is your guide to the mobile revolution. Mobile activity is overtaking desktop activity. With National Mobile Solutions, you can be where everyone is headed and ensure the long-term success of your business. Get There. Go Mobile. Stay Connected.

National Mobile Solutions

View Our Blog Features

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Time to open your eyes, ears and wallets. Gary say the number don't lie. You can no longer wait until you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Mobile is here and businesses must get on board or get lost in this space!

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Mobile apps can increase community outreach, build a broader and more diverse base of donors, drive donations, increase interactions with new types of supporters and help to establish a brand.

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